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What is the memory mapping for the BMXDDM16022?

Published date: 08 August 2019

The BMXDDM16022 has the option to use a Mixed Topological and State RAM memory management where the inputs will be %Ix and the outputs will be %Mx, below you can find the right addres for the outputs of this module.    

Product Line
Control Expert, BMXDDM16022  

Control Expert v14.0, BMXP342020, BMXDDM16022

In "Mixed Topological and State RAM" memory management the output interface is => output starting index + channel number from the module Configuration screen and the first output of the BMXDDM16022 has the topological address starting in 16 instaed of 8.
So, the first output of a BMXDDM16022 (e.g.: local rack, slot 3) has the "topological address" %Q0.3.16 and the same output in "Mixed Topological and State RAM" is %M17 for a starting address 1.



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