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How does an Altivar Drive detect a [PHF] or input phase loss?

Published date: 06 August 2019

How do Altivar and Altivar Process AC Drives detect input phase loss, or single phase supply, and trip on [PHF]

Product Line:
Altivar Process Drive


Wiring / Programming


Per Level 3 in France;
The detection is fully manage by the firmware.
Basically drive measure the 3 input phase, like we can see on the display menu, UL1,UL3,UL3 on drive's display menu.
The three measurement between phases has been compare to the DC bus voltage in order to extract a input phase ripple.

Mim/Max values of DC bus and allowable ripple:
  Vdc_min(V) Vdc_max(V) Vripple_min(V) Vripple_max(V)
M3 - 200V 225 375 32 70
N4 - 400V  415 750 65 140

The ripple detection has been improved to 27V 57V to 65V 140V since version V1.9IE15 of ATV930, V2.3IE25 of ATV630 and V1.5IE210 for ATV340, only for range's size 1 to size 6 (0.75Kw to 160kw), nothing on size 7 (220Kw to 315Kw).

PHF detection time is now 500ms. PHF is now an auto rearm mode fault.
PHF can still be inhibited by PHL setting.


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