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Why Control Expert does not show Derived Data Types for devices added on DTM Browser?

Published date: 25 July 2019

When a user configure a DIO (Device IO) on a DTM Browser of a M580 application, the variables do not show as Derived Data Types as it used to be on M340 and Quantum applications. 

Product Line
Control Expert, M580, M340, Quantum   

Control Expert v14.0

In M340 and Quantum applications the Control Expert software converts the EtherNet/IP or Modbus configuration data to variables and derived data types from the Input area and Output area. In a M580 appllication the Control Expert software directly creates a Device DDT.
Below is described the definition of the two different mapping rules and where they are loacted on Control Expert project.

Derived Data Type family (DDT)
The DDT family includes "derived" data types such as:
  • tables
  • structures

Device Derived Data Types (Device DDT)

A Device DDT is a DDT predefined by the manufacturer and not modifiable by user. It contains the I/O language elements of an I/O module.

As a reminder, any variable can be reorganized using the "Alias of" feature.


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