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HOw to know which GSD file to use for ATV71 with profibus card?

Published date: 15 May 2019

THere have been 2 types of profibus card: VW3A3307 and VW3A3307S371
First card used was profibus DPV0 version (cyclic commnication only) while second card was DPV1 (cyclic + possibility for acyclic communication)
See attached pdf for GSD file number.
Today the cards have the same reference VW3A3307 and on the label it is writtne DPV1.
If you see DPV0, use TELE0956.gsd. If you see DPV1, use TELE09CD.gsd.
GSD files are available on our web, under section ATV71 - software - profibus DPV0 files or profibus DPV1 files.

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