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Power Monitoring Expert 9.0 - Enable JavaScript Error in Web Applications

Published date: 20 December 2018

When navigating to the Power Monitoring Expert Web Applications, the login field does not display and the following error is shown:

"The login cannot proceed because JavaScript is not fully enabled in the browser. Enable Javascript and try starting the Web Applications again."

Product Line:
Power Monitorin Expert 9.0

Web Applications

Power Monitoring Expert 9.0 comes installed with HTTPS enabled and confiugred. In order to do this, a Self Signed Certificate is created during install, however certificates are generally rejected by most browsers so a customer may opt to install a certificate from a Certificate Authority. This certificate is tied to a fully qualified domain name rather than just the server name (i.e. where as PME by default is setup just to use the server name (i.e. https://mypmeserver/). This missmatch between the fully qualified domain name of the SSL certificate and the server name configured in the PME databases is what causes the JavaScript error. 

In order for the Web Applications to work, there are two locations in the PME databases that need to be updated with the fully qualified domain name. 

*Warning: Irreparable database damage can occur. This procedure should only be performed by users familiar with SQL Server Management Studio. Databases should be backed up prior to performing this procedure.*

Application Modules Database update
  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio and connect to the PME instance. 
  2. Navigate to Databases -> ApplicationModules -> Views
  3. Right-click on Configuration.ConfigurationSettings and selectEdit Top 200 Rows 4.
  4. Find the entry in the result set with the following values:
    1. ItemType = Web Framework
    2. Item = Server
    3. Key = LocalServerAddress 
  5. Update the Value column so that the value matches the fully qualified domain name that is listed in the SSL certifiate (i.e.
ION_Network Database update 1.
  1. Navigate to Databases -> ION_Network -> Views
  2. Right-click on dbo.vCFG_ConfigItems and select Edit Top 200 Rows
  3. Find the entry in the result set with the following values:
    1. Module = Reporting
    2. Category = General Settings
    3. Item = WebServiceUrl
  4. Update the Value column so that the value includes the fully qualified domain name that is listed in the SSL certifiate. (i.e.
Once the two database fields have been updated, close out of SQL Server Management Studio, restart the four ION Application Modules services and restart IIS. 

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