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What is the replacement for the legacy Magelis XBTGT4330 or XBTGT4340?

Published date: 26 November 2018


The XBTGT4330 and XBTGT4340 are legacy HMI and no longer in production. What are the options for replacing them?

Product Line

Legacy Magelis HMI, XBTGT series


Physical Magelis HMI


The XBTGT4330 is a 7.5" (320x240 pixels) panel without Video playback capability.
The XBTGT4340 is a 7.5" (320x240 pixels) panel with Video playback capability.


There is no official direct replacement from the XBTGT4340 product page, however, these are the closest options:


Option 1:

If Multimedia Video playback is not required (which the legacy XBTGT or GK panels ending with "40" had), the closest fit would be the HMIGTO4310, as it is the same screen size at 7.5" (the mounting solution will be a little different though keep in mind). This panel has more memory and a higher resolution (640x480 pixels) than the XBTGT4340.


Option 2: 

The HMIG3U option has a faster CPU and higher screen resolution options starting at 800x480 pixels 7" widescreen to 1280x800 pixels 12" widescreen.


Option 3:

If video playback is required, then you'll need to look at the windows-based HMIG5U2. 


Reference: HMIGTU (options 2 and 3) series catalog:

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