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Scanning 140NOC78000 gives incorrect values.

Goals and Symptoms

Responses to I/O scanning of a NOC (104NOC7* or BMXNOC*) gives incorrect values.

Causes and Fixes

 When scanning a NOC the NOC behaves differently from the previous Ethernet modules. When scanning a Quantum NOE, for example,  the unit ID parameter, was not important unless you were scanning through a bridge or gateway. The default value for the unit id (255), worked perfectly well. However the NOCs behave differently. The default id of 255 will no longer work if you wish to scan the memory of the CPU, which is the usual case. The value of 255 is used to query internal memory of the NOC. If you wish to scan the CPU you must use a different unit ID, 1 for example.

Additional Information

Attached are two Unity applications. One is for a server with both an NOE and a 140NOC78000 (just as a test) and one for the client. The client scans both the NOC78000 and an NOE4103 for the same data. The client illustrates the use of the unit id using the above information.

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