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Why EMC filter VW3A4424 for ATV320U5N4 allows min 16mm2 cable cross-section?

EMC fitlers are not manufactured by Schneider and. Therefore selection is limited to the offer by our supplier.
It is true that VW3A4424 requires min 35mm2 cross-section. The same filter is also offered for 7.5kW drive.
This filter has 47A rated current although ATV320HU55N4 needs less than 21A input current. 
Comapring to 4kW drive that uses VW3A4422 with 15A rated current, this 5.5kW uses VW3A4424 with 47A. As you can see great difference in current rating causes great diff in cable cross-section (4mm2 for VW3A4422 vs 16mm2 for VW3A4424).
We regret to say that we do not have better offer of additionhal EMC filter for 5.5kW ATV320 drive.
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