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What condition causes a ground short circuit fault on an ATS48 starter and how quickly does the fault relay indicate a fault after it is detected?

Customer is receiving Ground Short Circuit faults intermittently on an ATS48 starter and wants to know what conditions trigger this fault code.

Product line:
ATS48 series soft starter.

All models, All serial numbers.

Information in current literature does not provide specific information on how the fault is triggered.

The Starter measure the current on each phase of the output.  Current out should be equal to current.   WHen measuring the current draw on all 3 phases simultaneously, the total current should be 0 amps.   If the measured difference in current between all three phases is greater than 25% of the setting of the IN parmater for more than 100ms, the fault is triggered. Once the fault is triggered it takes around 16ms for the relay to close.   
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