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Limitation concerning the use of Scaime PMESWT0100 in M580 HSBYconfiguration with CPU firmware <2.70 .

Issue: Due to a synchronization issue of the Hot Standby FDR servers in CPU A and B, if a switch over is performed the ethernet distributed equipment module can be affected and be in error status.

To remind :The PMESWT0100 SCAIME ethernet distributed equipment module gets his configuration (.prm) files from the FDR server of the Primary CPU .
Following a switchover, if the prm file of new primary CPU is different from the one located in the new standby CPU then the SCAIME module will detect the difference and will move in error voluntarily.

Note that: The transfer of the prm files is done by using the DTM browser connected to the CPU.
Modifications of SCAIME module configuration has to be saved in the FDR server of each CPU “A” & “B”. 

Work-AroundProcedure is proposed in the attached document

Fix :The issue of synchronisation mode between the two servers will be fixed on the next version SV2.70 of the M580 HSBY firmware.
Chapters to refer in Unity Pro Help.
“Working with M580 Hot Standby Applications”
“PME SWT\ Adding a Third-Party Module to a Unity Pro Project”
"PME SWT\Device configuration transfer from Unity Pro”
"Synchronizing Configuration of Distributed Equipment"


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