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What is the default password of DM6000H meter and how to change it ?

The meter password can only be configured through the front panel. The factorydefault
setting for all passwords is “0000” (zero). Changing the default password
for screens that are password protected prevents unauthorized personnel from
accessing certain screens such as the Setup and Clear screens.

To change the meter password using Setup, follow these steps:

1. From the Home page, use Up or Down button to navigate to Maintain.
2. Press OK.
3. Use Up or Down button to navigate to Set.
4. Press OK.
5. Enter password. Default password is 0000.
6. Press OK.
7. Press the Up button to select PASS (password) parameter.
8. Press OK.
9. Press the Down or Up button to change the digits.
NOTE: Use the Left button to move the cursor to the next digit.
10. Press OK.
11. Press Left button.
12. Select Yes (press OK button) to save your settings.
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