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What is the reason of E6107 error when trying to increase RAMP_v_max in LXM32 although user units are scaled properly?

There are another limits that can be read from parameters _ScaleVELmax, _ScaleRAMPmax, _ScalePOSmax. 
Please check at first which value is in _ScaleVELmax, address 7958. This value is read only and is affected by setting of ScaleVELdenom and ScaleVELnum. But the value is updated when you change both ScaleVELdenom and ScaleVELnum although you can change numerator back. 
Then as soon as you read value in _ScaleVELmax above the number you require for CTRL_v_max and RAMP_v_max you are reay to write these CTRL_v_max and RAMP_v_max parameters. 
The best to see my video that guides you step by step to get rid of E6107
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