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Why my reclosers/ sectionaliser are showing incorrect system voltage readings after SCEM replacement?

Each switchgear (U, N, W, RL series) are calibrated for voltage measurement in factory in order to have voltage readings in the expected specifications. Calibration data for each switchgear.
CVT data is stored in SCEM and used by the controller to interpret signals from CVTs into the primary voltage readings on control panel. When the SCEM is replaced, it is very likely that CVT data (as well as other data) in the new SCEM is not correct.
Therefore, in order to have expected voltage readings again, the CVT data must be corrected by one or both of the following steps:

1. Reloading the latest CVT data (or calibration file, or cal file) of the same switchgear. How to get this cal file? Please to refer to FAQ “How I can get Cal files” or CVT Calibration procedure.

2. Recalibrating the voltage measurement. This is done on Calibration menu in WSOS. Please refer to FAQ “How I can recalibrate voltage” or the attached CVT Calibration procedure.

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