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Can Schneider Reclosers be connected to another relay?

Unlike traditional circuit breakers, recloser (due to its installation conditions- outdoor, anywhere on a feeder,...) is designed a self-contained protective device which provide lots of functionalities in a compact enclosure. Under that concept recloser normally does not have traditional (and dedicated) trip/close coils design, current and voltage measurement schemes... which ends up with quite proprietary designs in terms of relay interfacing.

 One example (of many points) is voltage measurement in Schneider reclosers. Voltage (secondary) signals are not from traditional VTs (which is not practical for a compact installation) but from Capacitance Voltage Transformers (or CVTs) built in each bushing of the recloser- These CVT signals require special electronic circuits and software algorithm to process and covert into primary voltage readings on the controller screen. 


Some relay manufacturers may have developed some relays for some specific reclosers for retrofit purpose but as of the time this correspondence is issued there is not such relays. In addition , the relays, if any, will not possible to utilise all features as those can be offered by a genuine recloser controller.

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