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What parameters in ATV71 must be configured to operate motor with constant torque up to 87Hz?

Lets suppose 400V AC is mains voltage, ATV71...N4 version used and motor has rated voltage 400V(star) / 230V (delta)

Rated values to be entered for delta connection as written on motor plate , e.g. 2.2kW, 230V, 50Hz, 1420rpm, NCR=xxx

Then autotuning.
Operation above 50HZ must be enabled by setting Fmax and HSP up to 87Hz (or above) and check if UCP=400V and FCP=87Hz. UC2=yes. 

Do not forget that ATV must be selected with rated power at least 1.73 * motor power (written on motor plate). e.g. 4kW ATV71...N4 drive for 2.2kW motor.
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