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Why Ks factor is always is equal to 1and why isn't changing according to the number of loads connected in Ecodial Advance Calculation ?

In IEC61439-1 the meaning of Rated Diversity Factor has changed comparing to the former IEC 60439-1 and isn’t any longer defined as an assumed loading Factor.
In the General Document 61439-1 the user won’t find a table, referring to an general assumed loading factor. 
The user may use factors stated in Part 2 Table 101 (factor based on kind of loads and number), Part 3 Table 101 (different factors to Part 2) or in Part 6 Table 101 (only for Tap Off boxes), if the nominal current of a load isn’t available. 
In all these parts the factors are different. In Ecodial the user is normally working with the real load values. In these cases it’s not allowed to use these factors.

If a user want’s to modify the Power consumption of a circuit, he can use the Ku-Factor, which is the better sizing of a system.
To be on the safe side always Ks=1 and  Ecodial allows the change of the KS factor only manually by the user. 
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