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HE Quantum CPU : What Does Error error code 307 displayed on140CPU6xxx means.

 Following the FA238378 and because of some bFO cases, just some details about this error .
Bad module ID” as is the case with error code 307 seems in hindsight to be pointing to a module issue.
Actually the only way to recover the situation is to find in the configuration the module in error . Power supply, I/O moudule , backplane could be the reason of such error pointed out for CPU .
It’ is difficult to find for the CPU to determine the root cause of the issue cause this issue is due to a  detection on error on LMS bus at startup.
In this case the only is to find what perturbates the LMS bus.
By this issue , the LMS bus is not properly working, it seems normal to not start PLC, but ,as bus is perturbated it is not possible to surely know the root cause of the issue and to have a more accurate diagnostic .

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