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On an ATV320, how is the fault history accessed?

On an ATV320, how is the fault history accessed?

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Altivar 320


Need to view fault history

The fault history is not available from the integral keypad/display.  It is only accessible through a connected graphic keypad or through SoMove software.

Using the VW3A1101 graphic keypad, under the Drive Menu, select MONITORING, then DIAGNOSTICS, then FAULT HISTORY.  The last 8 faults are listed with most recent at top.  Select the fault to access status info at time of fault.

Using SoMove, select the Errors detection tab. In the left side panel, the History is listed Error n-1 (most recent) through Error n-8.  Select a fault for details. 

Troubleshooting help is offered in the program manual Diagnostics and Troubleshooting section.
The Programming manual can be accessed here:
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