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Can a BMENOC0301 or BMENOC0311 be used as a Bootp/DHCP client?

 Facts and Changes
Enhancements were implemented in the Unity Pro DTM Library and module firmware to allow the BMENOC0301 and the BMENOC0311 to be assigned an IP address from a Bootp/DHCP server.

Causes and Fixes

With firmware version 2.12,
BMENOC0301’s and BMENOC0311’s can now be configured as Bootp/DHCP clients allowing an IP address to be assigned from a remote Bootp/DHCP server.
This enhancement also requires a minimum software version of Unity Pro 13 and ‘Unity Pro PlantStruxure DTM Library’ V3.9.10, which is included in HotFix 'HF2' for Unity 13.
This feature is supported in standalone PLCs only.  It is not supported in Hot Standby systems.
Additional Information

This information can be found in the BMENOC03x1 Firmware History Notes.

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