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What is the MSTR Operation 11 ?

MSTR Operation 11
MSTR Operation 11
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 The  MSTR Operation 11 is a Read CTE (Config Extension Table)
The Read CTE operation reads a given number of bytes from the Ethernet configuration extension table to the indicated buffer in PLC memory. The bytes to be read begin at a byte offset from the beginning of the CTE. The content of the EtherNet CTE table is displayed in the middle node of the MSTR block.

The values in the EtherNet configuration extension table (CTE) are displayed in a series of registers in the middle node of the MSTR instruction when a Read CTE operation is implemented. The middle node contains the first of 11 contiguous 4x registers.

The registers display the following CTE data:
Parameter Register Content

First Register       =  1=802.3 /OR/ 2=EtherNet (Frame type)
Second Register      = First byte of the IP address
Third Register         = Second byte of the IP address
Fourth Register       = Third byte of the IP address
Fifth Register           = Fourth byte of the IP address
Sixth Register          = Subnetwork mask High byte
Seventh Register     = Subnetwork mask Low Byte
Eighth Register        = First byte of the gateway
Ninth Register          = Second byte of the gateway
Tenth Register         = Third byte of the gateway
Eleventh Register    = Fourth byte of the gateway
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