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How to start troubleshooting logic performance issues in ClearSCADA

As more logic programs get created in a ClearSCADA application, managing logic performance becomes important. ClearSCADA provides a number of features to assess the performance of logic programs.

1. The number of logic programs as well as the status of the Logic driver could be found in the Status tool in General -> Modules -> Logic. It is also possible to see whether the Logic driver has experienced failures.

2. Information about Write and Read locks also resides in the Status tool in Database -> Read/Write Lock Diagnostics. The lock names to look for are CLogicTask:OnConfigChange and CLogicTask:OnSchedule. The most useful information here is the average time for read and write locks and the time (in %) spend in read or write locks.

3. Logic Execution Status Query in ViewX provides a list of all logic programs created in a particular application. The list contains types of logic programs, information on overruns, execution duration, execution fraquency and logic quality. The Query can be found in ViewX -> View tab -> System Queries -> Logic Execution Status.
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