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Does ION Setup use UTC or PC Local Time for the HHF File?

Different versions of ION Setup 3.0 deal with the HHF file timestamp in different ways

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ION Setup 3.0

ION Setup 3.0, HHF, MV-90


Recent versions of ION Setup now allows user to select how it wishes to view meter data (i.e. which time zone to view information).  This is typically determined when the software first talks to the meter, but you can check which time zone it is using by viewing the Device Properties -> TimeZone tab.  Now, during HHF export, the HHF "always" uses UTC, and technically you need to put in the timezone adjustment back in using the T=X in the TIM Config file as stated in the MV-90 application note.

Older versions of ION Setup were storing the HHF files using PC LocalTime and were marking the HHF files without the “U”.  The reason we changed was in instances where the PC saving the file was observing UTC but the MV-90 system importing the HHF did NOT (thus the time would be shifted).  We decided to switch to the UTC method of indicating the information (hoping that MV-90 would properly display that information).

Now, starting from ION Setup 3.0.18124.01, a new HHF save option to store using PC Localtime instead of UTC time has been added.  

If the checkbox is unchecked, the HHF file will be marked without the “U” and the times stored will be as shown in the viewer (this means that if the MV-90 system has a different timezone setting either offset or DST, it will be stored incorrectly).

To download the latest version of ION Setup 3.0, refer to article FA212816
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