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How to get a file via FTP from Vijeo designer HMI attached USB Flash drive?

In steps, this is what we need to do to copy a file from HMI attached USB Flash drive to Windows local PC

Application in VJD must have Security User created, with access for download as in attached image1.
In example project my user is USER, password USER (see attached project)
Note, later, when prompted for FTP client the user is USER@download (<username as in VJD applicaion>@download)
Download to panel.

In Command Prompt run one by one the following commands:

>cd <folder where the logged in windows user has access to write>
>open <IP of panel> 6001
(username USER@download, password USER)
>literal PASV
>literal cvl 3
>get <file from current folder of USB flash drive>

Note : 
"literal" passes commands directly to FTP server.

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