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How to fix problem when TCSMCNAM3M002P cable is not recognized by windows 7 64bit?

Be sure you have admministrator rights. The most probable reason is that windows provides the driver from windows update site instead of using the driver from SchneiderModbusDriverSuiteu (part of Somove installation).

1. In Device manager, unistall TSC cable driver (in COM ports folder) and TSX USB cable (in Serial USB folder) when TCSMCNAM3M002P  cable is pulgged in.
2. Run "Device installation setting" and select "install driver software from windows update only if not found on PC"
3. Uninstall DriverManager X64. (possibility to search DriverManager X64 in registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall, then copy the uninstall string (msexec....) and run it.
4. Unplug the TSC cable, restart PC
5. Run "Turn windows features on or off" and check if microsoft .NET framework is enabled including 2 sub options (Foundation HTP activation, Framework activation) 
6. Intall the driver (schneiderModbusaDriverSuite 14_12 or newer) or re-install Somove completely. No need to reinstall device DTMs if you have the latest versions.
7. Plug in TSC cable and check in device manager if the cable appears in com port folder. If so, problem is solved.
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