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DTM Browser ModbusTCP Request setting

DTM Browser ModbusTCP Request setting
DTM Browser ModbusTCP Request setting
Product Line
M340 M580 BMENOC03x1 BMXNOC0401
Unity Pro
When using the DTM Browser ModbusTCP Request tab settings, the RD Address and WR Address are not direct register addresses rather the entry is used as an index value in a register table.
The RD Address and/or WR Address value is used directly in the ModbusTCP packet.
For example: If a customer wants to read register 40001 (direct register addess), to obtain the appropriate index would rmeve the 4 >> then subtract 1 from the remaning value 0001.
Then 001 -1 = 0 (0 is the valid index value) . With some devices there may be an additional offset of one.
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