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Why I have a “code 10” error when the TSXCUSBMBP is connected to PC (module cannot start) and how to solve it.

Issue: Status of device TSXCUSBMBP cannot start, error reported is “code 10”.

This issue depends on several factors such as MBX driver software, USB hardware port on computer and the PC operating system.
For these rare cases, a workaround process which solve the communication issues is proposed. Once applied, the workaround is proven to be a permanent solution.
Proposed Work-Around Procedure:
  1. Connect TSXCUSBMBP unit to PC via USB cable.
  2. Open driver properties window: Device Manager - MBX Devices for Modicon Networks - USB TSXCUSBMBP Rev 2 Adapter – Properties.
  3. Wait for Device Status to report (Code 10) error in driver properties window.
  4. Click on Device Settings tab.
  5. Change ‘Node Address’ to a different value (‘Reload Driver’ box will be automatically checked) and click OK.
  6. Disconnect USB cable from TSXCUSBMBP unit.
  7. Connect again the USB cable to the TSXCUSBMBP unit.
  8. Verify that Modbus Plus LED begins flashing.
Note1: If the Modbus Plus LED does not begin flashing, repeat the procedure. If it still does not flash, it may be necessary to restart the PC. Make sure you leave the TSXCUSBMBP unit connected to the PC during the restart, and verify that the Modbus Plus LED begins flashing. Once the Modbus Plus LED is flashing, open the driver properties window and change the Node Address back to its original setting, and click OK. Verify that the LED begins flashing again.
Note2: This workaround addresses a rare communication issue so it is unnecessary unless that situation arises. That said, there is no reason the firmware cannot be upgraded on a unit that has not yet faulted out. The workaround procedure should work regardless of whether the normal upgrade procedure has failed.
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