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Why do I get an EFB-template 'AVGMV'' version mistmatch message when upgrading to Concept V2.6 SR7:

XXMIT and AVGMV were changed in SR4.  So these projects would have to be downloaded to achieve EQUAL status in a version of Concept later than SR4.    When you bring the project into 2.6 SR7, you are now using the updated library functions and these won't match the code in the PLC and that is why a full download is needed.

If you see this message when importing an ASC file created prior to Concet V2.6 SR4 you will need to re-export with With used DFB, import and redownload to the PLC. 
EFB library has changed.  EFB-template 'AVGMV'' version mistmatch.  Its not possible to 'Re-connect to Equal'  Export the origin project in 'normal mode' first and import again.  

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