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Why AOA runtime shows “no license detected” after first installation on HMIGTU?

After AOA untime installation on HMIGTU, in some cases, when you start AOA runtime, the error message “no license detected” is displayed.  (trial or full lincense)
And in License Manager, the trial license for AOA is not there

The problem is due to the date of your GTU'OS
Two possibilities
- Internal battery (super capacitor) discharge
  If the internal battery is totally discharge the OS date return back to 2013. 
- After system recovery, the OS date return to 2013 also

If you install AOA runtime in this configuration the license trial can be used and become invalided.
Even the fact to remove and re-install AOA runtime cannot solve the issue

How to fix
To solve this issue, need to 
- Make a system recovery of your HMIGTU (The image and the tool to make it is on the CD that you received with the HMIGTU)
- After restart the HMIGTU with the new image, update the OS date with the current date and desactivate the EWF
- Re-install AOA runtime
- Now, AOA runtime can start correctly under trial license
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