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How to reassign phases in ADVC controller

Customer wishes to change terminal designation or phase rotation of ADVC controller without changing the wiring

Product Line

ADVC2 controller


Method 1: Using WSOS5
  1. In WSOS5, navigate to "Status". This can be found under "Switchgear Explorer"
  2. Modify "Phase Configuration" to desired phasing and phase sequence
    1. To change phasing, click on the text box immediately to the right of the label "Phase Configuration". Enter password if prompted and select desired phasing from drop-down menu​. Click "OK"
    2. To change phase angle, click on the rightmost text box beside the label "Phase Configuration". Enter password if prompted and select desired phase rotation from drop-down menu. Click "OK"
Method 2: Using the flexVue or setVue display
  1. Please see attached instructions for changing the phase of N- and U- series reclosers. The procedure is the same but the notation is series-specific. 
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