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Profibus Remote Master (TCSEGPA23F14F) Add Slave GSD file

Profibus Remote Master (TCSEGPA23F14F) Add Slave GSD file
Profibus Remote Master (TCSEGPA23F14F) Add Slave GSD file
Product Line
M580 M340 Premium Quantum TCSEGPA23F14F
Unity pro
 The customer will need to obtain the original GSD file from the manufacturers of the devices that is needing to be added to the library.
To add a GSD file to the Unity catalog, you open up the DTM Browser, select the PRM and right click.
In the Right-click menu go to Device Menu --> then to Additional functions --> then to Add GSD in library.

Please reference page 59 of the PRM user manual and following on how to add a Profibus GSD file for a device.
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