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What happen with internal variables of UDFB (user defiend function block) after a PowerOff -PowerOn on my M221?

 From SomachineBasicc version 1.6 it’s possible to create UDFB ( used defined function block)
Such kind of block includes, input, output, internal and global variables
For Project created with SomachineBasicV1.6 after a PowerOff/PowerOn the internal variables and global variables are set to the value 0 (even in case the M221 has a battery)
For a project created with SomachineBasicV1.6SP1 (or above), the software manages into the project application all UDFB variables to be mapped into a saved memory area of the PLC , in order to make keep their current values
For a project initially created by somachineBasicV1.6 ,   opened by SoMachineBasicV1.6SP1 and downloaded to the M221 the internal variables and global variables keep their current values
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