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In ION Setup, do changes to ION meter modules of an offline meter carry over if the DCF is imported to physical meter?

Can we pre-configure an offline meter's ION Modules, and then export them to a physical ION Meter?  Will the changes carry over in the .dcf file?  

Product Line:
ION Setup 3.0, ION6200, ION8650, ION7650, ION7550, PM8000, ION7300, ION7700

ION Setup, ION Protocol

If possible, then users can pre-configure their ION meters by using an offline meter before exporting the .dcf into a physical meter.  

When saving the DCF from an offline meter and then subsequently pasting, that DCF will capture most module configurations that you may have modified on the offline meter previously.  The following prompt lists out which modules are exempt from being saved.  

Also, certain registers will not be restored in some cases, as they have dependencies on the Comm Settings (such as the allowed DNP ports). The user may need to revisit the DNP Port Setup after finishing the DCF download to assign connections, since the new device will likely not have the same assigned port settings as the offline meter.  

Most of the revenue values will be reset to match what is in the template, unless you specifically decide to keep some of the existing settings of the meter. This is noted in the checkbox prompt when performing the "Send to Meter" option.
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