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TS_DIAGNOSTIC_FLAGS for the BMXERT1604T is reporting an 137 error.

Goals and Symptoms
TS_DIAGNOSTIC_FLAGS for the BMXERT1604T  is reporting an 137 error.

Facts and Change

Causes and Fixes
Displaying the TS_DIAGNOSTIC_FLAGS  in bits.  137(binary 10001001 ) shows that the  buffer is being reported as full.  
This works as designed and it is not a defect in the BMXERT1604T

The following conditions can cause the buffer to be reported as full.
  • If the OPC server is not able to read the 'BMXERT1604T' event in time, the buffer will be reported as  full. 
  • If the OPC server or EFB read ERT event is slower than the ERT event generated . the group number which store the events in the ERT will exceed 255, 
Note: When the 'Buffer Full' bit is set, any new events will not be recorded.

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