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Parameters for setting up multiple monitors in a SCADA project

Setting up multiple monitors

Product Line
PowerSCADA Expert (version 8 and above)

Computer Setup Editor
INI Parameters

Multiple monitors being utilized in the project

The following parameters are used to control how multiple monitors function in a project.

Used to stop the MultiMonitor functionality from being loaded automatically at startup
False (0)- Enable startup loading of Multimonitor functionality
True (1)- Disable startup loading of Multimonitor functionality
Default value: 0

Indicates the number of monitors the project will be displayed on; the project can be displayed on a maximum of 8 monitors
Default value: 1

Determines the pages that appear when starting up a multi monitor setup. For example, StartupPage1 determines the page that appears on the first monitor at startup, StartupPage2 determines what appears on the second monitor, and so on.
Default Value: If left blank, the page specified in parameter '[Page] Startup' will be displayed
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