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Comparison fails when using '.stu' files

Goals and Symptoms
Comparison fails when using '.stu' files

Facts and Change
Unity Dif

Causes and Fixes

If the Unity version installed on the PC is not the same as the Unity version that ws used to create the '.stu' file, the comparison fails.

Unity Diff requires the version of Unity that was used to create the .stu file to also be installed on the PC.  The reason for this is because
Unity Dif needs to access the registry entries of Unity,  It checks which version is installed and uses Unity to open and converts any other
formatted file to a '.zef' format.  Followed by the conversion, it then starts the comparison.   If the '.stu' Unity version does not match the
version of Unity installed, it will fail to open the '.stu' file.  The failure to open the mismatched Unity version file is a limitation of Unity.  
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