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Why auto DC injection is not compatible with brake logic in ATV32, 320, 340 if it was compatible with ATV312?

Brake logic in ATV32, 320, 340 is more sophisticated than in ATV312. Auto DC injection in ATV32, 320, 340 would disrupt the brake logic functionality (e.g. jump at reversal, time to restart and especially hoisting movement with brake release pulse). In ATV312, brake logic was very simple and dedicated for horizontal movement. In ATV312 the Auto DC injection was also set “no” when brake logic assignment got configured (means that it was recommendation to disable auto DC injection) though you could set it back to “yes” after that.
ATV32, 320, 340 unfortunately does not allow to use automatic DC injection. Auto DC injection is not needed because application can be managed with proper setting of brake logic.
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