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What is the Unity Pro Auto-Lock Feature ?

 Right click on the project name in the browser, Go to <Properties><Protection>.

  This is an optional application protection feature to limit access to the Unity Pro software programming tool after a configured time of inactivity.

After the length of time of inactivity has elapsed, a dialog box is displayed and the user is prompted to enter the application password.
Behind the dialog box, the currently opened editors remain open in the same position.
That means that anyone can read the current content of the Unity Pro windows but cannot continue to work with Unity Pro.
You can activate the auto-lock feature with the check box ‘Auto-lock’ and select the time-out for the time of inactivity via minutes before lock.
The default values are:
  • Auto-lock is not activated
  • Minutes before lock is set to 10 minutes (possible values: 1...999 minutes) 
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