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M580 failure after download and execution of Unity Pro application with alias of extracted bit of word.

Goals and Symptoms
An  Application created with Unity pro containing alias of extracted bit of word can be built despite error message: "Alias is unsupported for variables with bit rank attribute"
Plant1000    type: BOOL  Alias of Outputs[5].0
With Outputs = Array of INT
Downloading and running such application cause a CPU failure: 3 led (ERR, ETH MS and ETH NS) red

Causes and Fixes
If the application is not in autorun, push reset button on the power supply is enough to come back to a normal situation.
If the application is in autorun, it will be needed to put the CPU in an other place that the normal on in the rack and put the power on,
CPU will restart in NO CONF and so it will be possible putting it in its normal place in the rack to redownload a healthy application.

In both cases it is needed to suppress the alias of extracted bit of word of the application using the real name of the variable in the application.
Rebuild the application and redownload it.
Note: Unity Pro V13.1 (and later) it will no more be possible to build the application containing alias of extract bit so to have such CPU failure.
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