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Workaround definition for the issue defined in PRB-207753: Issue on “S_GUARD_LOCKING “ Function Block V1.00 from the Libset of UnityPro XLS V13.0 .

In following conditions of use in a safety section application , 

with the inputs "S_SafetyActive" = False and "UnlockRequest" = True, the output "S_UnlockGuard" becomes TRUE which is not the expected behavior, S_UnlockGuard should be False until the hazardous area is declared safe : S_SafetyActive = True .

A new version of S_GUARD_LOCKING V1.01 will be delivered in the hotfix “UnityPro_V130_HF2”.
Until the UnityPro_V130_HF2 hotfix becomes available, we propose as workaround this modification into the application code :
It's important to note that output “S_UnlockGuard” of the function block must not be used anymore. Please, use the output of the function block “S_OR_BOOL” instead of the output “S_UnlockGuard” of the function block .
Important: after the installation of the new version V1.01 of the new function block “S_UnlockGuard”, the function block has to be used as “BEFORE”, without the additional modification described above for the workaround.
If you need more information please contact your country support.

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