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Why do I have to cycle power on my ATV6XX / ATV9XX drive before it will start, after pressing the stop button on the local keypad?

After pressing the stop button on the keypad of the ATV630/ATV930 drive, it will not start again until power is cycled.

Product Line:

All models, All serial numbers.

Stop button on local keypad is pressed while drive is in remote mode.

If the drive is configured for start/stop from the terminal strip (2 Wire or 3 Wire) and the stop button on the keypad is pressed, it behaves as an emergency stop, requiring power to be cycled to the drive before it will run again.   If the run command is issued from the terminal strip, then the stop command should normally come from the terminal strip also.  If a stop command is received from the local keypad while it is expecting commands from the terminal strip, it will treat it as an emergency stop as it is coming from an unexpected location.
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