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ATV process controlled via profinet in profidrive and does not want to re-accelerate when new run command appears during drive controlled stop. Instead, it stops to zero and then accelerate.

The reason is that profidrive profile is different than CIA402. In CIA402 the sequence for strat command is 16#06 - 16#07 - 16#0F and stop+new run continues as 16#07 - 16#0F.
In profidrive, you need to have bit 10 of ZSW1 word (ZSW1 is adequate to CMD word) activated. When motor is running (ZSW1=040F), the ramp stop and reacceleration is done by bit 0.
16#040F.. running. 16#040E..deceleration,
See profinet manual NHA80943_01, page 96 with schematic of profidrive control.

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