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Unity returns the error that ' Schneider TCSESM16xxxx Revision 1.4 (from EDS) dtm' is not installed

Goals and Symptoms
UnityDif returns 'Open application failed' error.

Facts and Change

Causes and Fixes
This issue will occur if the Unity application ('.sta'.) was created on another PC which had the '.eds' file for the TCESEM Connexium
Managed Switch added to the Unity application and the current PC does not have the eds file added to the DTM library.  The error
message will apear when you try to build the application.

To resolve the issue, the 'eds' version for the correct TCSESM Connexium Managed Switch must be added to the DTM library.
The EDS file can be downloaded from any TCSESM Connexium Managed Switch of the same part number.   The file describes
the hardware variant (hardware revision, device type, port number and port types) as well as structure and size of the IO data
for EtherNet/IP data exchange.  It does not contain any details of the switch configuration.   The EDS file must match the actual
device in regards to port configuration, hardware revision and firmware version.

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