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UnityDif returns 'Open application failed' error.

Goals and Symptoms
UnityDif returns 'Open application failed' error.

Facts and Change

Causes and Fixes
If you try to compare two Unity applications, Unitydif could return the error Open application failed'.

This will occur if the applications are of the type '.stu' and the Unity version that was used to create the applications is not installed 
on the PC.

The reason this occurs is because 'UnityDif'' must first convert the '.stu' file to a temproary '.zef' file before it can perform the compare
function.  It uses Unity to create the temporary '.zef' file by openeing the Unity application in the background.  If the installed Unity is not
found, an error occurs when it tries to open the '.stu' file.

The problem does not happen when the file to be compared is either a '.sta' or '.zef' format.

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