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Why Ecodial restricts Maximum Cable Cross Section Area to 300 in project parameters tab as well as in the individual cable properties tab in Ecodial Advance Calculation?

Ecodial Advance Calculation have restricted maximum cable cross section to in the project parametrs tab but in the manual choice controller its possible to select upto
1. As per the IEC standard, most of the cable installation method (except 2 or 3 installation method)  the maximum cable cross sectoion area is restricted to so to obey the IEC guidelines, in the project parameters it is restricted to Ecodial always suggests the cable Cross Section Area in-line with above restriction.
2. But in the market, more than cables are available and to help the customer in getting the calculation and solution for more than cross section area (upto cables we have provided the option of selecting it in the manual choice controller. 
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