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Unity 11 simulator returns 'PAT memory allocation' error..

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Unity 11 simulator returns 'PAT memory allocation' error..

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Unity returns 'PAT memory allocation error' when trying to run the simulator in Windows 10 build 1703.

This is a known issue that occurs in Windows 10 only after a Microsoft hotfix is installed.  The issue affects Unity 11, 11.1, 12 and 13.
Engineering is currently working developing a hotfix for Unity 11.1, 12 and 13.  Due to complications with the required merging of specific 
files, a hotfix will not be developed for Unity 11.  It is recommended that the user upgrade to Unity 11.1, 12 or 13 when the 
hotfix becomes available..

The workaround is to either
  • Use the PLC simulator on a windows 7, SP1 PC. 
  • Use the  PLC simulator on  or virtual PC that has Windows 7, SP1.
  • Uninstall the Microsoft hotfix.\
To use the PLC simulator on a Windows 7 PC:
Downlaod the attached file and extract it.

The PLC simulator is attached to this resolution.
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