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How to start with a very first new Safety M580 CPU into a Safety configuration ?

 When RIO is in the configuration and before to start a new configuration, user has to :
1/ Set the date and time into the PLC , CPU out of the final destinated rack ,
2/ Set an NTP server into the configuration (either external server or CPU as NTP server),
3/ Place CPU into the rack to be used and start the configuration,
4/ Make sure all configured safety I/O modules are unlocked ( eventually, use the top blue button to unlock the locked module ) 

Reminder : it is required to set the date and time into the PLC in order to have a reliable safe communication between CPU and safety IOs module.
 If the configuration with Safety I/Os have been started before the configuration of the time into the CPU,  a synchronization of the time between IOs and CPU is necessary either by :

  • 1: forcing the time using %SW128 see the FA333333 how to proceed
  • 2: downloading again the application into the PLC
  • 3 : doing a power cycle of the entire configuration (CPU AND IOs safety modules)
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