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What is replacement for ATV66 EMC filter VW3A66439 ?

Despite the fact, that this VW3A66439 filter was being commercialized long time after ATV66 had been withdrawn, it has been stopped since 2011.
Direct replacement does not exist, because the filter was tested for EMC levels with ATV66D33N4 (Variable torque) or ATV66D23N4 (constant torque).
The nearest similar product is EMC filter for ATV71 drives (VW3A4405) or EMC filter for ATV process drives (VW3A4705)
VW3A4405 is EMC filter rated for 72A, VW3A4705 is rated for 70A and any of them can replace original 64A filter VW3A66439. However we cannot guarantee the same EMC levels and motor cable lenght for combination VW3A4405 or VW3A4705 + ATV66.
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