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'170AEC 920 00'DFB block for Unity

Goals and Symptoms
Provide a DFB block for use with the Unity 'Momentum 170AEC92000' High speed counter module.

Facts and Change
Momentum, Unity

Causes and Fixes
If you create a Unity application for a Momentum Unity PLC with a 170AEC92000 module, Unity does not provide a DFB block 
for the module.

Th attached DFB can be imported into the Unity application to provide an AEC DFB block for use with the module.  This block was created 
by importing a Concept application that contained only the AEC DFB block using Unity 13.

  • Download the attched zip file.
  • Extract the DFB exported file to a temporary folder.
  • Open the Unity application.
  • Right click on .Dervied FB Types'.
  • Select .Import'.
  • Import the DFB into your Unity application.

  • If you decide to create your own DFB block by importing an existing Concept application, Unity 12 must be used as a minimum.
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