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Why do I get the build error " The instance is located on an address that is not configured " in Unity Pro.

For Flat Memory mapping:
This error is generated when you are using a memory address %I,%M, %IW or %MW located on a variable that is greater than the configured amount. You must increase the configured amount of memory address in the processor configuration.

For Topological addressing:
This mean that the address entered for the variable is not located to any IO modules. It the address looks correct to you and it is an M340, the issue could be that your IO module is set up for 'Mixed Topological and State RAM' which actually only supports the 'Flat' addressing. If that is the case you can change it to 'Topological' by double clicking on the IO module then left clicking on the module part number at the top left of the window and selecting the 'Memory' tab.
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