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How do I switch my VW3A3320 card between Ethernet IP and Modbus TCP protocol?

My VW3A3320 Ethernet adaptor card is in the wrong mode.  Can be configured for Ethernet IP or Modbus TCP

Product Line:
VW3A3320 Ethernet adapter card for ATV61 and/or ATV71 drive series.

All models, all serial numbers, All firmware revisions.

Card is unable to communicate with network.

The VW3A3320 card is a combination of 2 previous adapter cards.   The VW3A3316 is an Ethernet IP only card.  The VW3A3310D is a Modbus TCP only card.   The VW3A3320 combines both of these cards into a single unit.
When programming the drive, select whether you want to use Modbus TCP or Ethernet IP first, then cycle power to the drive.

From the main menu, navigate to menu 1, Drive Menu and press Enter.
Scroll down to menu 1.9, Communication Menu and press Enter.
Scroll down to Ethernet RSTP menu and press Enter.
Scroll down to Ethernet Protocol (Ethn) and press Enter.  Select either Ethernet IP or Modbus TCP as needed and press Enter.
Shut off all power to the drive and wait for the graphic keypad display to go blank.  Wait at least 10 more seconds before reapplying power to the drive.


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